10×10: Chicago Heroes

10 Chicago heroes
10 Chicago artists
10 years of Project Onward

Who are Chicago’s heroes? If you could only pick 10, who would they be (and what would they look like)? To celebrate our 10th anniversary and in honor of the Chicago Public Library’s One Book One Chicago program exploring Heroes: Real and Imagined in 2014/2015, Project Onward has picked 10 Chicago heroes and 10 Project Onward artists have each created a special portrait in their own unique style of each hero.

This exhibit recognizes achievements in sports, music, arts, architecture, literature and politics and highlights men and women, past and present, who have shaped this city and helped it succeed. See each of these individuals from 10 different perspectives and immerse yourself in a Who’s Who gallery of Chicago heroism. Perhaps you’ll discover some new heroes or think of some we didn’t honor–join in our conversation about heroism, which continues on Saturday, October 18 with a special Gallery Talk by Journalist Rick Kogan and Chicago Cultural Historian Tim Samuelson.

Opening Reception: Friday, October 17 at 6pm

10 x 10 Chicago Heroes features:

Vivian Harsh, Theaster Gates, Ann Landers, Mike Royko, George Halas, Rudy Lozano, Lee Godie, Jane Addams, Margaret Burroughs, Louis Sullivan

And the following artists:

George Zuniga, John Behnke, Fernando Ramirez, Bill Douglas, Jacqueline Cousins, Matthew Bianchi, Michael Hopkins, David Holt, Sereno Wilson, Adam Hines